Sweat’s yoga room is a well thought out sanctuary.  Please help maintain its uniqueness.

Plan Ahead

Please get to sweat a few minutes early.  We make the room available for you to get acclimated to the heat, and uniqueness of our yoga room.  We strongly suggest walking into the room at least 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class.


We provide an amazingly clean studio, filtered air, etc. There’s nothing worse than a 2nd go around of hot sweaty clothes, particularly in a hot yoga room. Nuff said. Oh, and that perfume thing? Please refrain – we’ll provide the freshness.

Cell Phones

Verboten, prohibited, not acceptable. Not in the yoga room.  However, if you have the exceptional possible emergent situation, i.e a sick child or some other scenario, just tell the teacher you are going to put your phone next to your mat.


We are all going to sweat at sweat. It’s why we are there. And we are sure that your sweat smells better then Chanel #5. However, it still is your sweat. If you drop a few on your neighbor’s mat, please wipe ’em up!

Mutual Respect

If you have an injury, please tell the teacher prior to class. If you need to take a break during class, please do so. If your flow is slower than the rest of the class, do your best to keep up, but if you need to do it at your own pace, that’s fine. If you want to improvise during the entire class, sweat may not be the right studio for you. There are periods of each class where improvisation is welcome – focus your need to do your own thing during those periods.

Stay Till The End

sweat’s classes will leave you in a full body sweat. Our cool down and savasana are planned and an integral sweet part of the class experience. Our classes are a bit shorter; please stay through the end of the class.